Reactivation of basic services allows normalizing productive activities

office reinstatement

It is a fact. Your business needs more customers. And although the very idea of ​​going in your search hates you and you wish you could ignore it, you arm yourself with courage and decide that you are going to get them out from under the stones if necessary. So office reinstatement Singapore   while you wear war paints and take your best weapons – namely: your mobile, your email and the keys of your online bank account to make payments to suppliers – you set up an entire campaign to attract potential customers so that , in the best cases, a part of them become real customers.

Reactivate a service suspended for unpaid invoices

If you have unpaid bills in a Google service, you may see the message “The service has been suspended due to unpaid bills” when you log in. To reactivate the suspended service, you must pay for them.

office reinstatement

The payment does not appear in the payments account

  • If you have already settled the balance and the Google service is still suspended, follow these steps:
  • Check if the payment has been deducted from your payments account. Depending on the form of payment you have used, payment may take a few days to register.
  • Make sure there are no more unpaid bills.
  • If the problem is not due to either of these two situations, send an email to and include the following information:
  • ID of your payment profile
  • Name of the Google product on which the service has been suspended
  • Invoice numbers and amounts paid