Cloud VS desktop CRM solutions. What to choose?

Let’s agree on the question of what kind of solution is better. whether it is web based CRM software or the desktop one?
Software as a service.

So, cloud services represent the technology of data processing. In this case, the software as a service (SaaS) operates through a web browser, applications for mobile devices on the basis of the iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Thanks to the fact that from the user all infrastructure of a cloud is hidden it isn’t necessary to have special skills or knowledge for use and management of this technology. Besides, cloud services are popular among small and medium-sized companies therefore as they democratize CRM systems.

Pluses of cloudy CRM systems:


theoretically, in cloudy systems the amount of disk space, random access memory and the number of processors absolutely not important;
users shouldn’t spend the time on installation and software configuration, there will quite be enough web browser or the smartphone to get access to cloud services;

it isn’t necessary to purchase expensive equipment;

time and strength of employees (and sometimes and the spaces which are occupied by the equipment) on the accomplishment of these or those tasks is significantly saved;

payment is made only for the used computing capacities and the performed transactions;

the company doesn’t need to allocate money for the expansion of infrastructure;

there is no need to spend time on training as practically all users know how to use web browsers and also Internet services as a class of services;

cloudy systems are served by generally highly skilled professionals that in turn exerts the very positive impact on service quality.
Desktop solution.

As for the desktop software product, this software which is intended for an uncertain circle of buyers with a standard set of functions for them. That is, in this case, the concept the basic decision implies a certain restriction on functionality, and whenever possible further modification of system by the supplier. Namely: the software initially is on sale as the ready-made product, and therefore has no binding to individual business challenges of this or that company!

Pluses of desktop CRM systems.

quick enough, the buyer obtains licenses on the day of purchase;

it is possible to purchase in shops which are engaged in the sale of a licensed software;

as the desktop product is used according to the instruction which is a part of a product the user always near at hand will have hints;
thanks to service updates and technical support users (in case of any questions or problems) won’t remain with the system all alone