Purchase of Laser Engraver Unit

A) Engraving rubberized board for pieces of paper box stamping.

Most laser engraver can engrave on rubber board, it is needless that you can choose multipurpose and swift device, since first of all, most operate may be used; next, speedier velocity, more shallow engraved range, can’t match the need for stamping.Recommend: purchase perfect laser device for engraving rubber board, with low price and speedy give back.

B) Engraving craftwork.

Most laser engravers can engrave craftwork and buy will depend on application.Engraving bamboo, timber, and notion: little unit, like dimensions of 300*400mm, with affordable price and high preciseness. Engraving wooden box and vino box: dimensions of 500*70mm and 600*900mm, with all around doing work desk for very long box to get devote.Engraving bamboo: dimensions of 500x700mm and 600x900mm, with all around doing work kitchen table and revolving device.Engraving big structure hardwood: measurements of 600*900mm, with down and up doing work kitchen table, and available by way of back and front door for adding huge wood made table.Engraving new 12 months greeting card: size of 500*700mm and 600*900mm, with working table for cutting, and quick velocity for document stop being scorched during doing work method.

laser machine


C) Cutting acrylic.

Most laser engravers can cut acrylic, but it s better for you to use special iranrotec, that the improved design is focused on cutting and cutting outcome is superb. If you demand buying frequent laser engraving unit, it s quite required to purchase the unit with blade condition working kitchen table.Take note: don t feel 60w or 80w laser strength can cut 20mm acrylic, it is difficult. Even the acrylic is cut by means of, the edge is incredibly terrible.Normal benefit is: 60w laser energy can minimize 8-10mm acrylic; 80w laser power can lower 8-15mm acrylic.

D) Engraving and cutting costume and leather-based.

Purchase laser engraving machine with speedy rate and honeycomb doing work kitchen table.